In The Mean Time Please See Below for Info and Vendor Application
BOOTH REQUIREMENTS: Vendor spaces are 10’ x 10’. Artists must provide their own tent or umbrella and display items. Tables must be draped and boxes must be stored out of sight. You are responsible for removal and cleanup of your booth and area.

FEES: The $120 fee includes Saturday and Sunday. Your reserved space will be held until 11am. Cancellation must be received by the prior Wednesday before 5pm, if not you will be charged the booth fee. If your application is sent by email, you must bring the payment with you. If sent by regular mail, please include your check. If it rains before start time, fees will be rolled over. If we have set up and it rains, no money will be credited. A message will be left on 714-846-5509 to inform you of rain or weather cancellations.

BUSINESS LICENSE: A business license for the City of Huntington Beach is required afte attending 7 events.

GENERAL GUIDELINES: Space is limited, priority will be given to returning vendors. Duplication of merchandise is avoided. Sales are limited to those items specified and approved on your application. Items that are not submitted for review are subject to removal from your booth. We reserve the right to reassign spaces at any time. Merchandise must be appropriate for family viewing. You will be contacted when your application is received and notified of approval.

MARKET HOURS: Arrival time is 8:30 am. Vehicles are not permitted on the plaza area. Delivery will be made from the adjacent parking lot. All items must be dollied or carried from there. Enter the parking lot from PCH at the 6th St. signal. 6th St. is one block north of Main St and the Pier. At the end of the driveway turn left and drive up to the Plaza level. Toni Groat will be there at the loading zone to check you in and take you to your vendor space. Toni’s cell # is 714-309-2108.You will receive a vendor parking pass for loading and unloading only. Loading zone limit is 20 minutes. As soon as your car is unloaded, it must be moved to the parking structure in the 2nd block of Main St. Your yellow parking ticket will be validated by Pam in the afternoon. Show times are 10 am to sunset each day. A security guard will be provided to watch over your tent (not your merchandise) on Saturday evening.

CLOSING TIME: Your booth must be packed before you bring you car back to the loading zone. YOUR BOOTH AND SURROUNDING AREA MUST BE LEFT CLEAN. Closing time changes with the season..

VENDOR CHECKLIST: Complete and sign application. Enclose a photo of all merchandise to be sold. Applications may be submitted by email or regular mail. Not faxed. When your application is received, you will be notified of approval. Some items may need to go before the Pier Plaza Art Afaire Review Board for approval.